Friday, April 1, 2011

Maximum Amaretto

Recipes used:

Layer 2: Dogwood Blossom Wedding cake (1/4 recipe)

Frosting: an improvised Italian Meringue Buttercream with Amaretto

Soaked in Amaretto


  • For layer 2 I added an extra egg white and reduced sugar by 1/3 to make this layer fluffier and less sweet.

  • For layers 1&3 I replaced walnuts with almonds and did not use coffee or vanilla extract, but added almond extract and amaretto.

Lessons learned:

  • If you do not want kids to eat a cake, soak it in amaretto the day of serving :), ha, ha- 4 or 4 kids complained that this cake was too bitter where the amaretto was. The next day this was not an issue. Mind you I have no intention of plying children with alcohol.

  • If I were to soak cake with any alcohol in the future, I would do it over time the day before to have the cake absorb more.

  • note to self, start thinking about a rum torte.

  • Initially I made 1 layer of each recipe, then got nervous that it would be too small and baked another almondy layer. 2 layers would have been more than enough, as I am still eating this huge cake 5 days later. no complaints about this really, except that exercise has been increased to compensate for this.

  • That said I do not mind because this was one of the best tortes that I have ever made.

  • I will definitely be making Italian meringue buttercream in the future using more egg whites and less butter.

  • This frosting used approx. 1 1/2 cups of sugar vs. about 7 cups a buttercream recipe usually uses. This reduction puts me over the moon since the result is so much better. I have my doubts I will make a regular buttercream ever again- perhaps for a kiddie birthday cake or for decorating.

  • This frosting was a bit difficult to use for decorating. I could not get a smooth finish like with a sugary buttercream.


  1. What is Italian meringue buttercream like? I'm intrigued. I gather it's a totally different kind of texture, and flavor. Why are you over the moon? Just because it's less sweet/less calories?

    What is the definition of a torte? I have to say they weren't ever really my favorite...

  2. Just google Italian MBC... it is a much more bakery-like quality flavor frosting vs. supermarket sheet cake. Basically whip egg whites, add boiling sugar syrup & butter, plus flavors. It is so delicious. As far as torte goes I am going with my own definition of layered cake. :)