Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink, chocolate and strawberry

The Idea: For my goddaughter's birthday, the request was, "pink, chocolate and strawberry, with emphasis on pink." Since I had some new recipes I was itching to try, I picked the one that had white chocolate frosting and a berry filling, filling 2 out of 3 requirements and had the advantage of becoming very pink. Recipes used:

  • Dogwood blossom wedding cake from (1/2 recipe cake, Blackberry filling, white satin Frosting).

  • Filling was made with strawberries rather than blackberries.
Lessons learned:

  • This frosting is way too sweet. White chocolate is really hard to make into a good tasting frosting. I am not white chocolate fan. I am more of a dark, bitter chocolate fan. After this I decided to work on much less sweet frostings.

  • The filling was good, but too much starch. I think using either less starch for the filling or using sugar with added pectin would work well here improving the taste.

  • The cake recipe can be easily made with a few extra egg whites to lighten up the cake as well as 1/3 less sugar.

  • I could have used 1/3 of the cake recipe for a 2 layer cake.

  • Building a "dam" for the filling with frosting worked really well.

  • I tried my cake decorating frosting gun and was relatively happy with the results. I wanted a Pampered Chef gun, but opted for a much cheaper locally available Westermark gun.


  1. What is the deal with light cakes...some people just like them? I just made this chocolate cake for Beni's birthday (pics are on facebook and on my mara-writes blog) and it was dense and was awesome!

  2. Vakar beidzām ēst. :) Ja neskaita to "way too sweet" glazūru, tad, manuprāt, neko nevajag un nevajadzēja lighten up. BET par to, ka glazūra bija roooooooooozāāāāāāāā, 10 points out of 10! :))

  3. Ah- footnote: this was a white chocolate frosting cake- with a white cake center. In my opinion a white/yellow (non-chocolate) cake needs to be light and fluffy. Chocolate can be as dense as you can handle it! :) I will in the future have an entry on a death by chocolate (and cherries) torte. The problem is is that I have to wait for occasionto make so many tortes!